Premium Wholesale Cigars

A handmade cigar is prestigious art; art that is held in high esteem by many. Each cigar will tell you a story, a tale of romance and tradition.

A cigar roller, behind a wooden bench and behind many years of experience, shares his/her tales with passion. Inside a rolling room and surrounded by stacks of tobacco leaves, cutting tools, metal presses and wooden cigar molds … he/she and no one else masters the art of rolling a cigar... the same piece which ends up in the hands of the connoisseur.

Premium Wholesale Cigars was established to represent a first-class quality line of cigars that are manufactured in Central America by hundreds of cigar rollers.

Our product is mainly sold for private labeling, for premium quality distribution.

We ensure the supply of a line of cigars which is up to Davidoff or Cohiba quality standards. We export to countries like the United States, Eastern Europe, China, and Asia.

Premium Wholesale Cigars represents brands like ‘La Joya del Caribe’ and ‘Don Jose’.

The quality of the cigars we sell traces to lines mastered by the wisdom of Cuban, Nicaraguan and Dominican families with generations of experience in cigar traditions.

The leaves we use for the filler, the binder and the wrapper are grown separately in Ecuador, Nicaragua and Cuba: Nicaraguan-grown long leaf filler leaves and Ecuadorean-grown binder leaves and the finest Cuban wrapper leaves.

Our cigars are made in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras.

We taylor make your cigars and strictly measure them in size, width, draw, taste to ensure the desired blend. Some of our blends have a unique strong, full-bodied flavor which attracts an enthusiastic crew of cigar connoisseurs.

The entire range of Vitolas we are currently making include: Robustos, Marevas, Churchills, Torpedos, Laguitos, Salomones, and more.

Premium Wholesale Cigars is currently offering our services online, and our permanent website will be up shortly. In the meantime, please contact us by writing to: